Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Backwards to Oregon (2007) - Jae

Like Cerulean Lambda, what I most enjoyed about Backwards to Oregon was how slowly the romance between the two central characters developed. I had just finished reading Ronica Black's lolarious In Too Deep, where the main characters (uber-X and uber-G) make eye contact across a crowded room on some enchanted evening and realize that somehow they know, they know even then, that someday they'll see each other's naked sweaty bodies again and again. Who can explain it? Who can tell you why?

Ahem. In Backwards to Oregon, the time it takes for the main characters to Get It On is approximately the same amount of time it takes them to reach Oregon. It's like an Oregon Trail of the heart. (Amazing). If you are a fan of fast-paced, hot and heavy romances, this is probably not the romance novel for you. If, however, you enjoy the slow unfurling of a relationship (I know I do, it reminds me of secret feelings and high school!), you should read Backwards to Oregon. It is, no lie, a pretty great read.

I especially enjoyed Jae's delineation of Luke's character (I would hesitate to identify Luke as a lesbian; for most of the novel, he seems genderqueer). While a lot of historical fiction seems to feature 21st-century lesbians (with 21st century sexual politics!) in 19th-century garb - and Jae occasionally slips up on that front - Jae does a decent job of exploring Luke's gender identity and his sexuality in realistic, thoughtful, and historically sensitive ways.

Anyway, it's good period fiction, even if it isn't always historically accurate. Like my ladyfriend, I strongly recommend this one - it's maybe my favorite lesbian historical romance, and that's saying something.

Rating: An even more magical four out of five wagon wheels. (CHRIS PUREKA MARRY ME). (Ahem, back to business).


  1. Um, Chris Pureka can't marry you, because she's going to marry ME!!!

    Also, you should mention how it's obvious that English is not the author's first language, I can't remember now the words that were awkward, but they were definitely there. I can't wait for you to review In too Deep! I may join the blog just so I can give it a one-sentence review.

  2. Allure, there's something Chris Pureka and I have been meaning to tell you. I know you've loved her longer but I love her more; no lie, I love her more than Rachel Maddow. Can you say as much? Can you? Can you? HMMM??

    Oh, In Too Deep. I just don't even know where to start / finish with that one. And Deeper is even more crazysauce.

  3. Oh darn, I just looked at your profile, and YOU CLAIMED HER THERE.

    It's ok, since we're sistren, when you are lucky enough to get with her, I hope I'm connected to the experience via the lesbian hivemind.

  4. I totally only just put that on there after reading this, I realized I needed to gay-it-up a notch :-)

  5. And also changed my display name to Not Allured, that's what I meant it to be all along- oops